Sudama Puri Temple

Birthplace and Residence of Sudama brahmana, dear-most Friend of Lord Sri Krishna at Porbandar, Gujarat.

Sudama brahmana was a personal friend of Lord Sri Krishna. Both Sudama brahmana and Lord lived and studied at the ashram of their spiritual master, Sandipani Muni. Sudama brahmana was completely free of material desires. He maintained himself and his wife with whatever came of its own accord, and thus they were poverty-stricken. One day Sudama’s wife, unable to find any food to prepare for her husband, went to him and asked that he visit his friend Krishna in Dwarka and beg some charity. Sudama was reluctant, but in great humility and submission when she again and again requested, he agreed to go, reflecting that an opportunity to see the Lord was extremely auspicious. His wife begged a few handfuls of flattened rice as a gift for Sri Krishna, and Sudama set off for Dwarka.

As Sudama approached the palace of Lord Krishna’s principal wife, Rukmini-devi, the Lord saw him from a distance. Krishna immediately rose from His seat on Rukmini’s bed and embraced His friend with great joy. Then He sat Sudama down on the bed, washed his feet with His own hands and sprinkled the wash water on His head. After this He presented him with various gifts and worshiped him with incense, lamps and so on. Meanwhile, Rukmini fanned the shabbily dressed brahmana with a yaktail whisk. All of this astonished the residents of the palace. Lord Sri Krishna then took the hand of His friend, and the two of them reminisced about the things they had done together long ago, while living in the school of their spiritual master. Sudama pointed out that Krishna engages in the pastime of acquiring an education only to set an example for human society. read more

Kullu Manali – Himachal Pradesh – India

Manali FP

Kullu Manali

by Adbhuta Hari Dasa

     Manali is a mountain tourist’s town in North Indian state, Himachal Pradesh. Situated at an altitude of 2000 meters and surrounded by almost 6000-meter high snow-capped Mountains it serves as a base for many tourists who come there, for trekking, skiing, rafting or just relaxing in a peaceful, natural environment during the summer season. The Kullu valley in which it is situated is considered to be one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. This valley which was formerly known as the end of the habitable world is in fact a place where the first civilization began. Historical name of Manali was “Manu-Alaya,” or the “Home of Manu”. Vaivasvata Manu author of Manu Smriti, “the codes of conduct”, supposedly lived here after the flood in which the world was deluded. He became a first progenitor of the Earth planet, giving thus Manali historical importance as a cradle of human kind.  read more