What is the role of women in Srila Prabhupada’s preaching mission?

It may  not be known to everybody that initially Srila Prabhupada wanted to follow the classical Vedic system which doesn’t permit women to live directly in the temple. It is understood that women can practice Krsna consciousness while being sheltered by their family members and their husbands in their homes, having the temple as their place of worship.

That didn’t work for Srila Prabhupada in context with the western “culture”. The girls coming and serving and joining in increasing numbers had no home to go to when they began to practice Krsna consciousness. And so Srila Prabhupada did something which earned Him criticism even from his godbrothers. He allowed girls to come and reside in the temple, He personally got them married, and He invented the word “brahmacarini” for those who were not married yet. read more

Q&A: Disneyland conception of spiritual life

Disney religion

Q:  If devotees are being protected by Krishna then why do we suffer?

A:  This is what I call the Disneyland conception of spiritual life, where Krishna is like Mickey Mouse. Kids go to Disneyland and Mickey’s there welcoming them: ‘Welcome to my happy Magic Kingdom”. You go in there and everything is like a cartoon world, it’s all laughter and happiness and entertainment and that’s all.
There are people who seem to think that this is what ISKCON should be like. ISKCON should be a Disneyland, and if it’s not a Disneyland then there’s something wrong and we have to get together to have meetings to fix it. But as far as I can understand this idea is totally alien to the Vedic conception of dharma and human life. This actually comes from the Western conception of life. It’s said that God gave Adam and Eve a Garden of Eden, an earthly paradise and everything was nice. So people have this idea that if we become nice again, like Adam and Eve, pure and innocent, then God better give me a Garden of Eden or there’s gonna be trouble. read more