To be Situated in Varnasrama Nataraja Dasa

Astrology decides (shows) what your body is meant for. It’s a duty of parents to rise and educate child in this direction. Towards ideal and predestined natural qualities. In a case of daughter – that’s easier – stri dharma do not depend on varna dharma, it’s separate. Varna of daughter is important only when you choose future husband.

So – varna is in the field of problematics of rising and education of sons.
In my case of my sons – astrologically, I have 2 ksatriyas, vaisya and brahmana. We all together study these topics and we clearly see how it’s practically shows up, these differences.

Then there is case of emergency. Yes – I consider myself ksatriya as it is shown by my stars – because whatever I do, I do as a fight. I even make my work, sometimes shudras work (case of emergency* for to fulfill asrama duty) as a fight. Therefore I was forced to open my own company, because I am very bad employee. It’s very hard to “exploit” me, lot of problems for employers.
But when I am for my own – then this fight can go on.

One must understand that asrama dharma is higher than varna dharma.
Asrama dharma many times transcend varna dharma, and your particular varna do not play anymore any role**.

So – point is – you accept who you are (soul in a particularly given body with respectively prescribed dharma), astrologically considering varna – that’s your ideal. You recognize in what kind of gunas and social situation is around you and you do what is needed for to fulfill your asrama duty with a sight of your varna ideal in mind. And third – it is devotional service for to satisfy Lord, not your own senses.

* Kshatriya cannot accept shudras work even in a case of emergency, but we must consider, that even after 20 years of “KC” practice I still was completely ignorant about varnasrama, what to speak of others.

** The real varna of your body will anyway play significant role in everything what you will do, as a nature of body – even if you have accepted different kind of occupation. Will it be beneficiary or will it create complications – it depends on your spiritual advancement and realized understanding of knowledge.

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