First Step Nataraja Dasa

tatas te niryayur gopāḥ svaṁ svam ādāya go-dhanam
śakaṭoḍhopakaraṇaṁ strī-bāla-sthavirāḥ śanaiḥ

“After collecting their respective cows and loading their paraphernalia into their wagons, the cowherd men went out. The women, children and elderly persons gradually followed them.”
SB 10.25.27


When I was little kid – almost every babushka on a country side did have her own respective cow. Just some 30-40 years ago.
But now?

In our movement we try to speak about cow protection – how to revive it. But in this beautiful verse there is a simple formula of cow protection.
I know personally many men who not only would want to have cows, but who have had or still have them. But they are mostly lone men.

Do you think that it is because our modern day girls are not “ready” to keep, to serve cows? Do you think that it is because our singerdancerlecturerleader women have no interest and ability to change “festival please” and “attention please” towards serving cow?
Then how we can talk about cow protection?

And what to speak about cows. May be it is because they have no any interest to follow, to have kids? – because kids nowadays are obstacle to the “spiritual” carrier, to the “devotional” service, to your “beautiful independent festival temple holy place” life?

But how there can be any wanted progeny and children, if they have no interest to serve husbands and follow them? Modern day women need sponsors and “nectar daddy’s” at the best – who will just sponsor their education, hobby, job and whatever… Ideal men needed – switch on, switch off. But not a husband.

Anyway. What to speak about girls.
Boys in our days have the same “no any interest to marry at all”. And those who want marry – they suffer a lot. Because girls have no interest to be chaste wives. Independence yes. Equality – yes. Chastity? What? And cows?

So – why boys would want to have cows? For to have them, they need home. For to have home – they need wife. They need to marry. Marry? For to take risk, and to take care about woman, who want to keep rights at any time change her mind, and leave you alone, devastated and robbed? Nah.

So – such is a rules of this hellish game – to live by agreement, to make temporary relationships, to make some friendship or just blatantly to enjoy senses under banner of Bhakti – Yes. But NOT to take care, to stay faithful, to not divorce, to build family, to have kids, to work hard, TO HAVE COW…

And you still talk about cow protection?
They cannot stay together – two humans – for few years. What to speak about cow – with whom you must stay together for 20-30 years?

Without family, family tradition – without this simple principle of this verse – husband serves God (in the borders of his varnasrama dharma), wife serves husband and children serve parents and follow in their footsteps – without that you may forget about cow protection.

Temporary single showbottle projects dependent on donations will not help. For few cows may be, till those lone enthusiasts are alive.
Others have better things to do – to TALK about cow protection in seminars, ministries, resolutions, festivals and lectures, FB posts.
But cow protection starts with family.
This is the first step. By Krishnas mercy I was able to did it. Now it’s your turn.
Next step – to buy land.

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