Living in the Holy Name Nataraja Dasa

For to achieve the state of „Living in the holy name“ on the Street is actually the moment when Harinam actually can be started. Then you belong to Harinam and Harinam belong to you.

Harinam is not just 2 Lines for 1-2 hours, inbetween other “more important“ duties, when you constantly look on the clock, for to not “stand“ too long and to not be too “late“.

Literary devotees are robbing themselves for decades with such attitude. And therefore they never open up, they never experience this „living in the holy name“ on the streets… When „everyone wants to chant“, when whoever you meet – they are willing to sing and dance, and you can answer to the questions from people who were first time in the life involved in chanting and dancing, and when you can give them books.

Because otherwise – this internal mood is aborted already before Harinam is started – with demand for 2 lines, “step right, step left – shoot”, with “we must be decorated”, “we must be back in time”…
Because Harinam – is what Nam prabhu offers to us. And we serve Him. If He gives to us opportunity to sing and dance with someone for extra hour – so, we stay on the street and we do it, and serve Him.
And it does not matter – it is for one person or for hundred…

In other words – Yes, I am speaking about fact – that organizational interests of local authorities in many cases are far far away from practical implication of Harinama Sankirtana mission, or that their vision is illusionary at the best – „managemental“, lacking personal acara.

And if you ask me – I know – small regular harinamas are much more effective than big maha maxi pandal festival programs – both for participens and for people at all. Big pandals and festivals – as I understood – are more for demonstration of organizational capacity and positional show.
But regular harinamas are the real work and life.

Sorry, but I accept Lord Caitanya’s words:
“Go on the streets and Whoever you meet, ask them to chant and dance holy name with pure life” literally.
This is harinam. This is mission.
Isn’t it?
And we do like that. And we live it.
At least one day in a week…

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