The Poison Conspiracy Antidote – Chapter 10 – Not Just Unlikely… Impossible!

Think Zebra Prognosis!?

On one hand, the Goof Team tells us that the conspirators executed this very intricate plot over the course of 12 months, a plot that required perfectly measured doses of a poison nobody ever heard of, or could possibly know how to use, so Srila Prabhupada would NOT immediately be forced out of his body and leave evidence that he had been poisoned.  Yet…

On the other hand, the same people are telling us that in March, Srila Prabhupada’s hair indicated a reading that is 300 times what is considered normal.  All toxicologists confirm that readings such as this could not possibly be due to endogenous (internal) sources since nobody could possibly survive a dose of cadmium large enough to produce such astronomical deposits in the hair! That is because most ingested cadmium (would) pass through the gastrointestinal tract without being absorbed  as explained above!)

Nothing the Goof Team tells us makes any coherent sense! They tell us that “Expert” analysis of Srila Prabhupada’s hair indicated that he had 300 times a lethal level of cadmium in his body in March 1977.  Medical experts tell us it is virtually impossible for someone to ever accumulate such a high reading because that just can’t occur overnight!  NONE OF THIS IS EVEN POSSIBLE! Period. Read that last portion again! What the Goof Team is trying to pass off is simply NOT POSSIBLE. It’s Chicken Little who was too dumb to realize she got clunked on the head with an acorn and instead began running around based on the absurd notion that the sky was falling.  She enrolled a whole bunch of her other inattentive friends into believing what rational people understand is an impossible event!

This is the only rational way to interpret this data. To suggest it was due to poisoning is what the medical world would call a Zebra Diagnosis. When you hear hoof-beats think of horses, not Zebras.  When you encounter off-the-chart biological readings that you know aren’t possible, don’t let a bunch of very poorly educated, perhaps emotionally imbalanced, disgruntled Hare Krishnas persuade you of something that was completely impossible!  Their story is that our spiritual master could beat death when his body had so much cadmium in it he was a walking NiCad battery, but then on Nov 14, after the battery discharged quite a bit, Srila Prabhupada agreed to leave his body?! What? Hello? Ground control to Akasha Dasa!

What is far more plausible is that there is a totally different explanation for the 19.9 ppm reading, assuming it actually came from Srila Prabhupada’s hair and all of this hasn’t been completely staged! Those in the field of medicine concur that the cadmium readings are so high; nobody could have possibly survived the dosage necessary to have caused it. Duhhh! This is common sense, folks.  Who should we really be suspicious of?  Srila Prabhupada’s most trusted disciples or the misfits who have their own unresolved issues, vindictive agendas, failed ambitions, bad reputations and obvious willingness to perpetuate these nefarious buckshot propaganda allegations at ANY COST so they can get their names in the history books?

Mustard, Pickles & Massages

Some may still hang on to the belief that all the charts, tests and testimonies about cadmium in Srila Prabhupada’s hair might still be valid. It might be hard for them to come to terms with the fact they have been played in one of the biggest scams to have ever infiltrated the collective consciousness of the assembled devotees. For those who simply can’t dismiss all the conspiracy bunk as a bunch of drool, there is a very reasonable alternative explanation for how cadmium might have shown up in Srila Prabhupada’s hair.

Mustard seed oil was used to massage Srila Prabhupada daily, including his head’ – KGBG p.230

At some point we really have to question if anything the Goof Team says is true. They are so fixated on wanting the make history by changing it, like their idol holocaust denier Harry Elmer Barnes, that they write whatever they want without having the professional integrity to check and see if it is correct. Research is clearly not their strong point as evident again here where there are numerous references that clearly indicate Srila Prabhupada was quite particular about NOT using mustard oil on his head.

“Please use this sandalwood oil for massaging your entire body,” Siddha said.”No,” Srila Prabhupada replied. “Sandalwood oil is for cooling the head only and mustard oil is for the rest of the body.” SPU 105: Prabhupada Pleases Disciple; Illness AfterSandalwood Massage

In fact all of those who had the opportunity to serve Srila Prabhupada directly confirm over and over again that he was very particular about NOT having his head massaged with mustard oil except on the rare occasion when he had a cold.

Normally, I massaged his head with sandalwood oil because of its cooling effect. When he had a cold, though, he sometimes instructed me to use mustard oil over his entire body. On this day, he told me to use only mustard oil. – SPU 82: Changing Lunch Menu

The poison conspiracy boys seem to be very concerned about reassuring us that mustard had nothing to do with the high levels of cadmium they claim was found in Srila Prabhupada’s hair.

COMMENT: Mustard seed oil was used to massage Srila Prabhupada daily, but it does not have cadmium to any meaningful degree. –KGBG p. 218

Why are we being told that mustard couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the presence of cadmium? Maybe it’s because everyone knows that mustard seeds are so popular all over India that it occupies one of the seven cups that make up the masala dabba found in every Indian kitchen. Bengali cooking is also particularly well known for cooking with mustard oil so it is very reasonable to deduct that Srila Prabhupada had been exposed to mustard bi-products his entire life. In fact, he even states that he would purchase large quantities of it when he was a young boy.

Prabhupada: … Practically, when we were boys, children, we were purchasing mustard oil, eight annas for two-half, two-half only, kilo, first class. In Calcutta, Kanpur mustard oil. So my father would give me eight annas. – Room Conversation — March 22, 1977, Bombay

In our childhood, we have seen mustard oil, first class, made in Kanpur. We were purchasing, eight annas per two and a half ser. – Conversation with M.P., Shri Sita Ram Singh — May 19, 1977, Vrndavana

Then we also know that Srila Prabhupada was so accustomed to eating mustard oil that he sought it out immediately after arriving in America.

I have been taking muri (puffed rice) and peanuts with mustard oil. Somewhere I found mustard oil. Everything is available, but the price is so high. I purchased two hundred and fifty grams of mustard oil for five rupees. – Letter to: Sripad Narayana Maharaja, 4 October 1965

It is also quite evident that Srila Prabhupada enjoyed eating the various pickles that are popular all over India which are dried fruits that are literally soaked in mustard oil particularly in Bengal.

‘From the green mangos, you can make pickles. Cut them into pieces with skin intact, and sprinkle with salt and turmeric. Dry them well in the sunshine and put into mustard oil. They will keep for years, and you can enjoy with eating. They are nice and soft and good for digestion. If no vegetable is available, you can eat them with puris, similarly with pickled chilis. When mango pickles and chili pickles are combined, it is very tasteful.” Letter to Balavanta-  New York 8 July 1976

It makes perfect sense why the Goof Team wants to eliminate the possibility of connecting cadmium with any mustard derivative products. Srila Prabhupada had been consuming an excessive amount of it his entire life. If we then also consider how many times Srila Prabhupada was massaged by his disciples with mustard oil, one could literally say he was virtually swimming in it the last 12 years he was with us!

“I massaged his head first and used a small amount of sandalwood oil. I sat behind him. Srila Prabhupada would sometimes close his eyes and remain silent, or sometimes become very animated and talkative. I used mustard-seed oil on the rest of his body.” – Johannesburg, 14th October 1975

“After fifteen minutes I moved around to Srila Prabhupada’s back and switched to mustard oil, which is used on the rest of his body.” – TD 1-1: New Delhi and Kurukshetra

So once again to really drive the point home we are badgered with what amounts to nothing more than just another strong unsupported, un-researched, audacious assertion.

Srila Prabhupada did not use this kind of compounds on his head, and furthermore, none of these compounds could ever contain such high amounts of heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, or antimony. Srila Prabhupada used brahmi and mustard seed oils in massage, which would not have any heavy metals in them.  –KGBG p. 328

There is no dispute that Srila Prabhupada would get massaged on a regular basis.

“The mustard seed oil was used to massage Srila Prabhupada daily, but it does not have cadmium to any meaningful degree.”- KGBG p. 218

Before I get to the main point I must first draw the reader’s attention to the fact that this is yet another statement from nowhere that could only be made by someone so intent on legitimatizing their assault on our sensibilities, that they don’t even realize it is obviously impossible to prove. How can anyone know today what was in the mustard seed oil that was used on Srila Prabhupada’s hair for several consecutive years back in 1977? Were samples of it put in a time capsule then locked in an evidence locker for us to examine today? Until someone can answer that, we can conclude that this is just another strategically placed intentionally misleading statement consistent with the modus operandi of those behind this cabal.  It is more reasonable to believe that the truth could be just the opposite! (The operative word here is “Reasonable”, a concept the Goof Team does not seem to have any comprehension of.)

However, the more important and damning point that I want the reader to notice is how this is the third time we are subjected to an unfounded opinion that “… mustard… does not have cadmium to any meaningful degree.”

Well, there ya go.  Let’s all pack up and go home.  We can count on these Truth Guys to get it right when they tell us how mustard couldn’t possibly have anything to do with cadmium… correct? Well…. No!  Wrong.  In fact once again, very, very embarrassingly, shamelessly WRONG!   According to botanists who actually know what they are talking about the mustard flora is classified as a Cd-Hyperaccumulating plant. LINK: Say what…?

Cd-Hyperaccumulating Plants

Practically all human populations are environmentally exposed to cadmium (Cd), mostly through plant-derived food. We have also already explained how there is a whole lot of uncertainty about how cadmium enters into and affects the body. So there is great concern about a growing body of epidemiological evidence that is trying to establish what the margin of safety is between current Cd exposure levels and the threshold for adverse health effects. Until that is fully understood it is prudent to err on the side of great caution thus there is an urgent need to lower human Cd intake.

Botanists are carefully studying Cd-hyperaccumulating plants, in order to gain important insights into the processes that control the passage of Cd from the soil to edible plant organs. Plants such as tobacco, rice, cereal grains, potatoes, mustard and other vegetables take up cadmium from the soil as Cd-hyperaccumulating plants. For this reason, plant studies are being done to better understand Cd uptake, root retention, root-to-shoot translocation and grain loading, for the purpose of developing low Cd-accumulating crops. More details about this can be found in this interesting article:

Link: Trends in Plant Science

The mustard oil that was used to massage Srila Prabhupada could have been the source of the high levels of Cadmium because the Indian mustard plant, in particular, has clearly been identified as a Cd-hyperaccumulating organism.

Indian Mustard (Brassica juncea) absorbs so much Cadmium that it is one of the few plants often used to clean up toxic sites polluted by Cadmium, Lead and Zinc. The process is called phytoremediation and more can be read about it here.

Phytoremediation of Cadmium, Lead, and Zinc by Brassica juncea

Providing accurate information about the cadmium potential of mustard-related products radically change all the assumptions the Goof Guys don’t want anyone to notice. For example, they have listed 9 possible methods that could have been used by the alleged contemptuous rogue devotees to eliminate Srila Prabhupada on their quest to reign as the next Jagat Guru. It is suggested…

…possible avenues by which cadmium powder, cadmium-laced water, or cadmium salts could have been given to Srila Prabhupada…–KGBG p.229

Number six is particularly relevant in how they say the cadmium could have been administered:

(6). Medicinal compresses used in some 1977 treatments (absorbed through skin), but this was seldom (done) –KGBG p.229

Well, what do you think of that? The Goof Team acknowledges that even though it may have only happened a few times, cadmium laced medicinal compress could have been the vehicle used to administer deadly doses of cadmium to Srila Prabhupada by an envious assassin! Anyone who accepts this as a reasonable scenario must then recognize the even much reasonable alternative chain of events. The cadmium may have found its way into Srila Prabhupada’s system via all the mustard oil that was intentionally worked into his skin via intensive massages for the last ten years! Those conditions were then just further exasperated by how much mustard oil he ate and cooked with for his entire life!

Oops! Another big embarrassing alternative explanation that the stellar Goof Team could not even consider in their rush to push forward their inane ideas about a conspiracy that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned by his own disciples.

Cadmium can be absorbed by the inhalation, oral, and dermal routes of exposure regardless of its chemical form (chloride, carbonate, oxide, sulfide, sulfate, or other forms). Absorption by the dermal route of exposure, however, is relatively insignificant for cadmium, although small amounts are absorbed percutaneously over a long period of time (Wester et al. 1992).LINK: -Toxicological Profile For Cadmium p.237

For the Historians

The integrity of the cadmium allegation is compromised by all sorts of duplicity, bad research, jumping to conclusions, questionable lab reports, sensational proclamations and very suspicious motives. We just showed how Srila Prabhupada could have been absorbing small amounts of Cadmium in his system via small doses for nearly his entire life. This is so consistent with how popular medicine tells us the body works it is referred to as:

 Mithridatism – noun the production of immunity against the action of a poison by taking the poison in gradually increased doses.

While this is apparently a novel concept to the Goof detectives, it is well understood by most reasonably educated individuals and a grave concern considering how many modern medicines and illegal drugs are abused. Those dependent on drugs soon discover that because their body becomes resistant to them, they must increase the dosage in order to get the desired effects.   We even find that way back in the days of Vedic kings, this principle was exploited:

“Formerly there was politics; they were called visa-kanya, “poison girl.” The politicians used to keep. I do not know whether nowadays the politicians keep, but we find from Vedic literature, visa-kanya. Visa-kanya means a girl, from the childhood, is injected poison, little by little, little, little, little, little. So when she is grown up… the whole body is poisonous. So the politician used to engage such girl to kill the…, his opponent politician. Very nice, beautiful girl, and [s]he will go, and as soon as the kissing will be there, he will die. – Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.15.34 — December 12, 1973, Los Angeles

Anyone who has read up to here in this Poison Antidote paper ought to be able to identify the pattern of sensationalism that is used to obfuscate real facts that educated people agree on. We are just applying a little common sense to expose how ridiculous what is being offered as proof that there was a poisoning conspiracy. By now every readers warning lights and siren should go off when we read:


“Srila Prabhupada’s cadmium levels were 190-306 times above the average normal, which could only be due to homicidal poisoning. These levels are “off the chart” and would be lethal within a short period of time. -KGBG p.204

We have already exposed how manipulative, misleading, reckless and legally culpable it is for anyone to broadcast such bombastic erroneous conclusions like this based on what we have seen so far. The reason why our legal system has such strict rules about proving a crime beyond a reasonable doubt is because there is such a variety of ways in which the apparent ONLY EXPLANATION may in fact NOT BE the ONLY explanation. It may not be readily obvious to the average gossip eater what the other possible explanations may be, but I have provided quite a few here that deserve careful thought before anyone continues to perpetuate this colossal fraud.

It is a very reckless for anyone to accept that Srila Prabhupada had 300 times more cadmium in his system then is medically survivable based on the rancorous shoddy work done by those who wish to drive this conclusion down everyone’s throat.  However, it is also equally foolish to believe that if there were excessive amounts of cadmium in Srila Prabhupada’s hair, that itself is some type of ironclad proof that he was maliciously poisoned. There are many unexpected strange things that might seem possible from a myopic worldview like how it could be possible for anyone to intentionally eat twice as much arsenic than what an average person could ever survive, but history tells us even that is possible! In 1851 some of the people in Styria were capable of consuming excessive amounts of arsenic with no ill effects:

“One physician, for example, described a case of a man who consumed a total of 10 grains (at least twice the normal lethal dose) over two days and still appeared to be in good health.  One of Roscoe’s correspondents also provided a sample of a substance consumed by an arsenic eater; chemical analysis had confirmed that this was white arsenic. Roscoe affirmed, “That arsenious acid [white arsenic] is taken regularly into the system, by certain persons in Styria, in quantities usually supposed sufficient to produce immediate death.”


Download the full book (PDF) at this link.

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