Why are men frightened of marriage


More young men than ever before are refusing to get married. The reason? “Women aren’t women anymore.”

Feminism taught a generation masculinity was “toxic,” then women complained: “Where have all the real men gone?”

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  1. These comments somehow disappeared:

    Marriage has become a business deal in which, in a case of failure, loses mainly the man.
    Materialistic woman is practically impossible to be satisfied.
    Materialistic man doesn’t care properly for the family.
    Modern technologies made a lot of male work possible to women too, so men are becoming redundant.
    Even as protectors, they’re mostly replaced by the police and the state bureaucracy.
    So the role and the position of man in Kali yuga is getting less and less important and the opposite is true of woman. That’s predicted in sastras.

    Krsna dasa 2015-12-04 17:55

    While I agree with most of your comment please provide reference where it says in sastra that women will become more important than men?

    And while fewer men want to get married more and more women are desiring to marry.

    [In Kali yuga:] Women rule the family… (Padma Purana, Uttara Khanda, Srimad Bhagavata-mahatmya, ch. 1)

    When women become difficult of control, heartless and quarrelsome, and calumniators of their husbands, then know that the Kali Age has become strong (51). When men become subject to women and slaves of lust, oppressors of their friends and Gurus, then know that the Kali Age has become strong (52). (Mahanirvana tantra, ch. 4)

    I guess there is more said about women getting an upper hand but this should serve as a sample.

    > And while fewer men want to get married more and more women are desiring to marry.

    Then polygamy comes into picture.

    narISu na satI kacit
    puMzcalI ca gRhe gRhe
    karoti tarjanaM kantaM
    bhRtyu-tulyaM ca kampitam

    No woman will be chaste. In home after home the wife will be running after men. The wife will treat her husband like her servant. She will always rebuke him and make him tremble in fear. (Brahmavaivarta PurANa 4.90.38)

    atithInaM ca nityazaH
    pUja nAsti gurUNaM ca
    pitroz ca pUjanaM striyaH

    No one will worship pitAs, devas, brAhmaNas, guests, gurus, or parents. Instead they will worship their wives.

    strI-bandhUnAM gauravaM ca
    strInAM ca satatAM pitaH
    coraH sat-kula-jAtiz ca
    brAhmaNo deva-harakaH

    O father, men will give all honor to their wives and their wives’ relatives. BrAhmaNas born in good families will become thieves, stealing even from the deities in the temples. (Brahmavaivarta PurANa 4.90.50-51)

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