How would you explain that the ISKCON divorce rate is greater as in the material society?

Unfortunately this is true. Besides that fact that “relationship between man and a woman is very complicated” as Srila Prabhupada said, there are factors which may contribute to this alarming state ISKCON grhasta asrama is in and to the devastating effect on preaching this divorce orgies have for the public eye.

It is clear what Srila Prabhupada established: “One thing you should know of course, I know that you are so nice that there is possibility amongst you for disagreement between husband and wife, but sometimes it happens so you can let Saradia know that in our Krishna Consciousness household life there is no question of separation. Our marriage is Absolute. But if sometimes some disagreement is there, they may live separately for few days, but that doesn’t mean they can think of separation. Please try to educate all the girls in that way”. (Srila Prabhupada, London, 15th of November)[...] read more

About women separated from men

I am a liberal by my conditioning.   I was raised during a time when permissiveness was in vogue.  Voices demanding equal rights for blacks and women blared from media.  I understood that there was no difference between men and women on the inside.  I bought into the quest for equal treatment.  Who wouldn’t?  –  besides the “Man” like Chicago’s Mayor Daley who sent his Chicago police bearing their truncheons on protesting youth at the ’68 Democratic convention or the Ohio National Guard when in May 1970 they murdered four students at Kent State – yes, maybe those ignorant sops doing the bidding of the people in “suits.” But my generation? Not.

Then suddenly, Srila Prabhupada appeared out of nowhere in my life to obstruct my foundational beliefs; He spoke a truth so bold that I was shocked in submission to listen like a deer frozen in the headlights.  He said all kinds of *politically incorrect* things; yet, the truth of his statements dissipated the darkness of  Kali yuga.  He made so many statements that challenged my view of the world; I put the ones that I didn’t understand in mental boxes to be revisited over the years.  One by one, everything he said proved to be deadly accurate, and there are more stored in my mind that await further revelation.[...] read more

My further response

As Maharaja has quoted me, I wrote, “But if Srila Prabhupada is fallible in his own books, how could anything else he says in them be trusted?” I did not make the claim that “all that Prabhupada says” is true. This distinction matters because on the one hand it acknowledges that a guru even of Srila Prabhupada’s stature is not omniscient and, for example, might be mistaken about how the latest iPhone works. And on the other hand, it asserts that there are some domains in which Srila Prabhupada’s opinion should be considered infallible.

For example, in his own statements in his own books, it is self-evident that he is self-consciously speaking as a representative of our parampara. If what Srila Prabhupada says in his own books does not always faithfully represent our parampara siddhantas, then apasiddhantas are sometimes to be found in his books. This is what Maharaja’s 2005 paper on moral theology implies about Srila Prabhupada’s purport to SB 3.20.26. If it is the case that in Srila Prabhupada’s own books there are some utterances of his that are apasiddhanta, then it follows that Srila Prabhupada has no standing as a spiritual authority.[...] read more

Kenyan parliament passes polygamy law

Female politicians storm out after parliament passes law that allows men to marry as many women as they want. Kenya’s parliament has passed a bill allowing men to marry as many women as they want, prompting a furious backlash from female politicians. The bill, which amended existing marriage legislation, was passed late on Thursday to formalize customary law about marrying more than one person.[...] read more