New developments – Bangalore Ritvik temple court case

The Main SLP filed by MPD on behalf of the Bangalore Society (challenging the Judgement of the Banglaore High court in favor ISKCON reg. at Mumbai) was assigned to the Bench headed by Justice Kabir. Justice Kabir retired in July 2013 and after that the SLP was not listed and no new bench was assigned.

As per general system the SLP should have been gone to the next senior Judge who sat on the Bench along with Justice kabir when this SLP was heard.

But suddenly on Tuesday(22 Oct. 2013) I was informed that the SLP is listed before a completely new Bench, headed by Justice Prasad, to be heard on 25th OCT. for final disposal. I had to rush to Delhi and start preparing our lawyers. Some were sniffing MPD hand in such assignment.

We were all tense for 3 days.

On 25th when the SLP was called Justice Prasad stated that he had visited Bangalore temple etc. and if any party has any objection for him to hear the matter. Our lawyer told him that it is upto the Judge but matter is very controversial and Justice Manjunath’s photograph at the Bangalore temple has caused initiation of criminal contempt etc.

Then Justice Prasad went on to say that this dispute better be resolved by mediation and added that he knows somebody, very rich, who will do such mediation free of cost etc. Then Jusitce Prasad was informed that Retired
Justice Ravindran has already tried mediation and so far it is not successful etc. But Justice Prasad insisted that parties must try and resolve the dispute by mediation.

In the end Justice Prasad asked the other judge and then passed order recusing himself from hearing the SLP.

Now it will go for assignment of the new bench again.

Hare Krsna.
Your servant,
Dayaram dasa

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