Subuddhi das “Suicide By Cop” (?)

It appears that Subuddhi Prabhu did not actually commit suicide. He was shot by the police! Subuddhi had been living in his truck for many years on private property at the LA Temple. He received notice that he had a month to get current registration etc. even though he wasn’t even driving it. The city was demanding he pay huge fees for all the years it was unregistered.

Subuddhi became frustrated as he had no funds to comply. It came to within 24 hours of the time he was supposed to move or have his home towed away and he went over to the police station angry and complaining and he ended up shot to death!

The devotees in LA didn’t know what happened to Subuddhi for a few days after he was missing. They called the police to enquire and they said they had him and he was dead! They say Subudhhi threatened them and they shot him in self defense. I find it hard to believe that they really needed to shoot Subuddhi who never showed a temper in all the many years I knew him. This is a travesty of justice!

Subuddhi das ACBSP
Subuddhi das ACBSP

So it’s not like Subuddhi Prabhu intentionally committed suicide; he maybe acted in a way that made him get shot. Why can’t they use a stun gun or something non lethal?! I smell a rat! Subuddhi didn’t deserve that. Krsna must have taken him back after all. I still hope the police are held accountable. Sometimes they are too trigger happy and sometimes they get away with murder!

Gunman shot to death at Culver City police station

By City News Service

Posted: 09/21/13, 10:15 AM PDT | Updated: 3 days ago

CULVER CITY — A man confronted officers with a handgun at the Culver City police station today and was shot and killed, homicide detectives confirmed.

The shooting occurred at 7:40 a.m. at the Culver City Police Department, 4040 Duquesne Ave. Sheriff’s deputies were called in by the Culver City Police Department to investigate the officer-involved shooting under a longstanding policy, they said.

Lt. Dave Pullman told KNX radio that the man had followed a police car as it was driven into the locked yard, and the suspect was armed with a handgun.

“Three officers commanded him to drop it, at which time he raised the gun at officers,” Pullman told the radio station. Two Culver City officers fired.

“Because I don’t know what was inside his head,” Pullman told KNX he could not confirm it was a “suicide by cop.”

“But obviously he came to a police station with a gun.”

No officers were wounded.




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