Sadhu prabhu– told by Ajamila prabhu (neighbor)




Police and ISKCON security arrived shortly, returning back home last night I saw police, both in uniform and plain clothes, talking to Sadhu prabhu’s neighbors. Everyone hopes that these animals won’t get off the hook, but need to pray for that and also please write to management asking to make sure that they won’t escape the punishing. (Almost immediately as this happened devotees from nearby houses came out and caught some of the attackers and beat them with steaks, feet and whatever was handy, for sometime)

Sadhu’s mother is 90 and doesn’t speak English, she was taken out of there to nearby house, the momo-shop family is looking after her. His mother seem to not fully understand (or blocked it) what happened, she remembers people doing something in living room and she thinks that blood covering the floor is red paint…. not aware yet of her son’s condition… she keeps asking if she could go home?

Nitya Govinda mataji is looking after her now, but she also has small child and household on her shoulders, so she could use help. So, devotees who can communicate in Spanish please come to help. When I asked Nitya she said she is ok, but her husband said that they do need help, as they are also both busy with momo shop.

Ajamila prabhu, Sadhu’s neighbor is remembering how this happened:

Sadhu Prabhu is an Argentine National with a USA passport. He is a Prabhupada disciple in good standing and has lived in Mayaur for around 10 years. He lives two floors above me in the same building, and at precisely 9.10 last night while behind my computer I heard some very loud screaming in my building. I dismissed it, thinking a thief was being apprehended and so I chose not to get involved. But the screams got louder and louder for longer and longer and a crowd of people was gathering around the front of the building. So I went to my window on the 3rd floor and looked down somewhat bemused at the growing crowd, thinking a thief has been caught. Then I finally went out of my door into the common staircase and there was blood everywhere – on the walls, landings, and steps – where Sadhu Prabhu had ran down past my door and out of the building screaming as loudly as he could to deter his five knife wielding attackers. One attacker was caught on the road by some former gurukula boys and dragged back to the front of Sadhu Prabhu’s building where I saw at least 10 people from the large yelling crowd give him repeated beatings. Another one of the attackers was also similarly beaten.

Sadhu Prabhu had been rushed off to hospital by the ISKCON Ambulance which had arrived promptly. So I took a taxi with Arjuna Prana Prabhu to Sakti Nagar Hospital in Krishnanagar to see if Sadhu Prabhu was still alive since he had lost a lot of blood. He was being operated upon when I arrived. After waiting for around 1 hour I was able to speak with him. His consciousness was clear, alert, strong and he was chanting Gauranga and talking about Srila Prabhupada.

He stated that Maha Bandhu had called him just before the attack to warn that he will receive a visit from his people in a short while. Maha Bandhu and Sadhu each own half of the building where they both stay. A long story short, Maha Bandhu owed Sadhu Prabhu Rs 3 crores from land transactions that went horribly wrong owing to MB making false statements and falsifying documents to extract big investment monies from Sadhu Prabhu. A half way settlement was that MB transferred half his building to Sadhu Prabhu’s name to cover some of the debt. A minor disagreement in connection with that issue is what caused MB to employ 5 thugs to murder Sadhu Prabhu.

The thugs were clearly attempting to murder Sadhu Prabhu by striking his head with knives and blades as hard as possible. But Sadhu Prabhu is so strong both physically and mentally that not even five armed thugs could kill him. Lord Narasimhadeva clearly protected him. Later the police took Maha Bandhu into custody, along with the four thugs, where MB admitted to the police that he commissioned the attempted murder of Sadhu Prabhu.

After receiving treatment in the Krishnanagar Hospital, Sadhu Prabhu was transferred in the same ISKCON Mayapur ambulance to the Bellevue Hospital in Kolkata where he is in a stable non-life-threatening condition. But he has very serious wounds to the side of his face, the top of his head, one hand might be missing a thumb, the other hand is badly mutilated and bandaged, his left shoulder was badly cut.

At this critical time Sadhu Prabhu requests the prayers of all the assembled Vaisnavas of Mayapur which he dearly loves, and so let’s all pray for his speedy recovery so that he can once again engage in blissful devotional to Srila Prabhupada and Lord Sri Krishna in Sridham Mayapur.




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