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Global director of the humanitarian organization Food for Life, Priyavrata prabhu (Paul Rodney Turner or Food Yogi, as he represents himself) is now travelling around the world giving “Food yoga seminar”. Seminar starts with description of the FFL idea and program, glorifying Midday meals and many humanitarian actions in Chechnya, Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Africa, numbers of hungry people and children around the world, how many are starving or dying…(Well-fed or rich people are suffering too, in this material world!).

He continues with an explanation what healthy food means (raw and vegan) and he explains subtle levels of nourishing the body and the soul, explaining how food must be spiritually and emotionally pure, filled with positive emotions. Therefore, we should offer and spiritualize our food.

Although FFL (along with ISKCON temples, Govinda’s and other restaurants) is changing the world by giving people prasadam for years, it would have much bigger effect if we could teach people how to make prasadam for themselves.

In that way, prasadam would be available for everyone. But (BUT!), we should not be SECTARIAN: we should respect other people’s beliefs, and let them offer their food to anything they believe in. We should be more compassionate, sensitive and open minded, and start thinking this way, so we can reach and benefit more people. (Does it mean that people can have Allah, Buddha, Saibaba, God-is-light, I-am-God “prasadam”?)

Therefore, prabhu was revolutionary and inventive (we should get out of the box of our usual thinking, he says), and he created “nonsectarian food offering mantra” suitable for everyone, even for ISKCON devotees to purify their consciousness before reciting usual mantras):

“I am spirit. I was born with no possessions. I will leave this world with no possessions. I am neither the permanent controller nor ultimate controller of anything in this world. Everything that comes to me has been a blessing from the Creator. Since food is the basic necessity of life, I therefore offer this food back to the Energetic source from which it came, to purify it. In doing so, I honor the Supreme Enjoyer, Supreme Controller and the Divine Feminine. With love and sincerity, I humbly ask: “Please taste this food first.”

In some centers, he gives Food yoga seminar, practically teaching how to make raw ice cream with chocolate topping.

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