How can we explain the need of Varanasrama dharma organization in human society?

The need is self-evident, unfortunately not to many. Either in name of imaginary transcendental progress or in name of mayavada based declaration of oneness and “unity”, the conditioned soul likes not to look into the mirror and agree on ones acquired conditioning. And so we run into the risk to become grhasta-sannyasis and sannyasi-grhastas, homely brahmacaries of ugra-tapas grhastas, ending in entirely disturbed situations, causing pain to so many other living entities.

Even most intimate associates of the Lord place themselves while performing their lilas into exemplary varna and dharma designated positions in order to teach the conditioned souls how to live a disciplined life while aiming towards the satisfaction of the Supreme Lord. And whenever, like at the beginning of Bhagava-gita, a devotee THINKS to serve in a self-designated position, the Lord rectifies him instantly.

As He declares a faulty but honest servant to be superior to a self-designated hypocrite, a devote naturally strives for a position where he doesn’t disturb His master by illusory concepts about himself and his bodily destined situation.

And so the need to be properly situated is self evident and logical so the devotee can face the challenges served to him by contact with the material energy in most efficient manner.

To explain and test ones acquired nature is easy. It becomes most evident in times of emergency, when there is no time for pretence, but in instant way the nature of the conditioned soul becomes evident. I used always apply in public preaching, such as the Sunday Feast lectures, the example of a fire emergency.

Imagine, suddenly, in middle of this lecture somebody runs into this room and screams:”There is fire! The building is on fire!” Just watch the response of each of us here. Most of us will probably scream and call for help…. as sudras do. Some will think instantly how much it will cost to repair the damage and if the building is insured… as vaisyas may do. And maybe one person will stand up and unusually calm, call out to everybody present not to panic and follow him as he knows where the emergency exit is……. as a ksatriya would do. And then, maybe a very rare person, will also stay calm, chant Hare Krsna while admiring the precision of the arriving reaction to an action of the past not known to us. Such is a nature of a brahmana who always “sees things at their beginning” as one philosopher said.

And so in few seconds the varnasrama conditioning of each single person present can be understood. All of us will have our opportunities in this life time to understand the nature of our conditioning while facing emergencies of all sorts. Hopefully we might be situated properly so we can progress in spiritual life. If we don’t, we may roam around for years as disturbed hypocrites, trying to impose on others what they never will believe. As others may see us far more in realistic light as we do, life gets difficult once one becomes pretender. We may dress in saffron or we may dress in white, we may profess as preachers as our senses cry out for physical engagement, we may pack our minds with slokas while our heart beats heavily tormented by the desire for the opposite sex, so spiritual progress becomes difficult to such a tormented dreamer.

But, as the example demonstrates, in emergencies, above all facing the ultimate emergency, the death of our body, our nature will become revealed one way or another. Once a devotee understands the nature of his conditioning and serves Krsna and spiritual master with all his heart, his conditioning becomes an asset and not an obstacle. After all, a devotee who is whole heartily engaged truly transcends the position of his body, and not the one who declares it to be of another nature or even non-existent. Who wouldn’t be inspired by an enthusiastically serving “sudra”, enthusiastically providing “vaisya”, enthusiastically protecting “ksatriya” or enthusiastically teaching “brahmana”? In such society of enthusiastic servants, spiritual life becomes easy and pleasant. In society of hypocrites only misery prevails.

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