The best verse & some lines for evoking the right consciousness

While distributing at the Hollywood farmers’ market I approached a man who, after seeing my books, said, “No, it’s not my thing.” Then he went on his way.

Fifteen minutes later he came by again with his wife. I asked her, “Is that your husband?”

“Yes it is.” I said, “He’s got good energy.” Then, smiling, I said to him, “I knew you’d come back, it’s your fate to have one of these books.”

Again he said, “No it’s not my thing.”

Then I said to him, “Here, (pointing to his head) it’s not your thing, but you’re not your mind. You’re the soul, (pointing to his soul). I said, ‘You the soul, are saying ‘Get the book, get the book!”

“No, I’m a mystic Jew. This is not my belief, sorry. I read the Kabalah.”

“I’m not trying to change your belief, but there is always more to learn. Am I right or wrong?

“Yes, you’re right. All right, I’ll take it.”

He gave a nice donation, so I gave him two. This is something I’m regularly saying to people: “I show these to people that have good energy.” People like to hear this. And it’s true, everyone has good energy because the Supersoul is there and the soul is there, even though covered. And it helps us remember that there is a soul and a Supersoul present.

When they are a little hesitant to give a donation I say: “Money is flickering, it comes and goes, but wisdom (then I point to the book) it sticks. So it will be good for you, more valuable than money.”

Yesterday, while I was distributing to people I was thinking, “This soul has been in the material world for so many lifetimes suffering, Krsna please allow this soul to receive some information about you.” While thinking in this way so many people were taking books. It was ecstatic. I always say that 95% of our ability to distribute books is in our consciousness. Our consciousness creates the atmosphere by which people want to take books. We have to tune in to what Krsna wants and tune out of mayic distractions. Sometimes there may be some static, and we’re not clearly tuned in to the Krsna channel. Then we have to pray to Krsna to get tuned back in. Then it becomes ecstatic.

One last thing, there is a verse that I’ve been meditating on quite a bit while on book distribution and is, in my opinion, the best verse for evoking the right consciousness on book distribution. This is it:

titiksaya karunaya

maitrya cakhila juntusu

samatvena ca sarvatma

bhagavan samprasidati


The Lord is very satisfied with His devotee when the devotee greets other people with tolerance, compassion, friendship and equality.  (SB 4.11.13)

Your servant,

Vijaya Dasa


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