Supreme Court dismissed MPD’s SLP

Dear Maharajas & Prabhus
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

1. Today Supreme Court dismissed MPD’s SLP challenging the order of the
Mumbai High court which 2 weeks back dismissed MPd’s Write petition (WP).
This (WP) was filed by MPD challenging the order of the Charity Commissioner
which, in spite of MPD’s objection, permitted ISKCON reg., at Mumbai, in 1971,
by Srila Prabhupada (SP), to sell 3 Acres of Land at Vrindavan.

2. Last year ( Jan. – April 2012) Bureau, at the instance of Bhima Prabhu
and HH GKG, had decided to sell this 3 acres of Land to purchase more land (
about 100 acres) and build Goshala and School on this 100 acres of Land.
Bureau had also, at the instance of HH GKG and Bhima Prabhu,  decided to
shift the Goshala & school projects out of present ISKCON Temple campus at
Vrindavan. And resolution to that effect was passed.

3. As per the law Bureau has to take permission of the Charity commissioner
for sale of any immovable property. So Bureau approached Charity
commissioner last year but MPD filed objection saying that HH GKG, HG Bhima
Prabhu, myself and HH Bhakti Rasamrita Swami had taken crores of Rupees
under the table and are selling this land at rate much lower than the
market. MPD also alleged that he as Trustee of ISKCON was not intimated of
this decision and not invited to attend the meeting when this resolution was
passed. MPD further alleged that ISKCON has enough funds in its balance
sheet to buy bigger piece of land and build Goshala & School at Vrindavan &
there is no shortage of funds still  the Bureau members for their own
ulterior motives selling this valuable land of 3 acres.

4. Charity commissioner after long hearing granted permission over ruling
MPD’s objection then MPD moved Mumbai High Court against it and after
Mumbai High court dismissed his Writ petition he filed SLP.

5. Although SLP was not listed MPD got matter listed for special mentioning.
Generally in the mentioning it is expected that the Supreme court will give
early date and direct Supreme Court registry to list SLP on that particular
early date for hearing and court may, at its own discretion, grant interim
orders to the petitioner.  In some cases when the SC sees not even prima
facie merit whatsoever in the SLP then SC may at the time of mentioning
itself may dismiss the SLP instead of giving a date for hearing.

6. It appears that the new Bench of the Supreme Court (justice Radha
Krishnan and Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose) before whom the matter was listed
had read the MPD’s SLP well. And when today the matter was called for
mentioning and MPD’s senior counsel (Mr. Vaidyanathan) made his submission
the Supreme court just dismissed the SLP.

7. For us this is the best that could have happened. NO more wasting of time
and money in the courts on Vrindavan Land.

8. Braj hari Prabhu and Radhakant Prabhu were handling this case from day
one and I was not involved when it was before the Charity commissioner. But
I had to get involved when the matter reached the High Court & Braj hari
felt that the pressure was too much for him to handle alone so he requested
me to help brief his Mumbai lawyers and then prepare our statement of
Objection to MPD’s Writ Petition.

9. After MPD’s WP was dismissed MPD filed SLP in the Supreme Court then Braj
hari Prabhu told me to handle the matter and we decided to use the team of
lawyers who are dealing with our Bangalore case in the supreme court to deal
with this case. Radha Kanta Prabh was very active in preparing our lawyers
for the today’s SLP mentioning.

10. So in the last 3 weeks MPD suffered 3 consecutive defeats. Hope MPD
becomes more amenable for settlement now.

Hare Krsna.
Your servant,
Dayaram dasa

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