These are not people. These are animals.

I remember a very important conversation on the roof of the New York building. Just before this conversation, Tamal and I were with Prabhupada in his room and I started telling Prabhupada about how degraded the society had become. We started telling Prabhupada about the drugs, illicit sex, pornography, and the child pornography and the homosex and for some reason Prabhupada was letting us give this report. And we were being somewhat graphic. And Prabhupada’s comments were so strong: “We are not preaching to human beings. We are preaching to animals. This is not human life. This is all animal life.” It was so heavy. Prabhupada’s comments about the state of the Kali-yuga. It was something that Tamal and I would never forget. Years later we would talk about this conversation and how Prabhupada allowed us to describe these gross things and how Prabhupada listened and told us, “Do not give these people credit. Do not be so concerned what they have to say, what their opinions are. These are not people. These are animals.”

Told by Ramesvara Dasa.




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