The best verse & some lines for evoking the right consciousness

While distributing at the Hollywood farmers’ market I approached a man who, after seeing my books, said, “No, it’s not my thing.” Then he went on his way.

Fifteen minutes later he came by again with his wife. I asked her, “Is that your husband?”

“Yes it is.” I said, “He’s got good energy.” Then, smiling, I said to him, “I knew you’d come back, it’s your fate to have one of these books.” read more

Supreme Court dismissed MPD’s SLP


Dear Maharajas & Prabhus
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

1. Today Supreme Court dismissed MPD’s SLP challenging the order of the
Mumbai High court which 2 weeks back dismissed MPd’s Write petition (WP).
This (WP) was filed by MPD challenging the order of the Charity Commissioner
which, in spite of MPD’s objection, permitted ISKCON reg., at Mumbai, in 1971,
by Srila Prabhupada (SP), to sell 3 Acres of Land at Vrindavan.

2. Last year ( Jan. – April 2012) Bureau, at the instance of Bhima Prabhu
and HH GKG, had decided to sell this 3 acres of Land to purchase more land (
about 100 acres) and build Goshala and School on this 100 acres of Land.
Bureau had also, at the instance of HH GKG and Bhima Prabhu,  decided to
shift the Goshala & school projects out of present ISKCON Temple campus at
Vrindavan. And resolution to that effect was passed. read more

Story of Mahadevi dasi ACBSP

Today my mother would have been 87 years old. She had suffered n struggled like anything due to severe alcoholism and drug addiction. In n out of jails, psyche wards, institutions and found helpless on the streets since I was 5 yrs old until I graduated. She also tolerated n endured her rageaholic alcoholic husband who sexually abused her n me for too many years.

Then I became a Hare Krsna at age 19 and KRSNA changed the karma of my family. When my delusional father got electrocuted at NASA in 1982, I became my mother’s legal guardian as she was determined by the Maryland Courts to be legally insane. I sued NASA for wrongful death n secured enough for her medical bills. Then I moved her to New Dwarka where I was serving as a Gurukula teacher and devotees gave her so much love for 8 years. She had quite a reputation! Eventually, the devotees in New Raman-reti continued that amazing devotee kindness for another 8 yrs. We fed her tons of PRASADAM which she easily became addicted to and she gradually gave up vodka n drugs for cauliflower pakoras, dahl , curd subjees n samosas!

Prabhupada says this can happen due to the Potency of PRASADAM cooked in ghee. When she became an invalid due to 2 strokes, I became her full-time caregiver for 5 years, changing her diapers n serving as her nurse/companion. I begged Krsna n Balarama to let her die in Vrndavana and a month after 9/11, the judge “miraculously” gave us permission to travel to Vrndavana, with her in a wheel chair! I couldn’t have done it without Caitanya Nitai! In just 13 days, during the Sacred month of Kartik in Nov 2001, Bhaktin Therese left her body in my arms in MVT, Vrndavana with Prabhupada chanting HARE KRSNA. read more

Pope Francis’s Light, Alito’s Footnote 7

Dear Friend,

Can it really be just a coincidence that Pope Francis releases his first “encyclical” reiterating the Church’s timeless teaching about marriage the same week Justice Anthony Kennedy released what I called his “fatwa” against opponents of gay marriage?

I called Justice Kennedy’s opinion a fatwa for two reasons: first, he refused to engage any rational argument; he simply dismissed our whole marriage tradition out of hand, without discussion. Second, he declared half the American people simply “enemies of the human race,” as Justice Scalia put it, for our commitment to the idea that marriage is the union of husband and wife.  He made a Constitutional religion out of gay marriage, whole cloth, without any textual support at all. read more

MPD’s Writ Petition was dismissed by the Mumbai High court

Dear Maharajas & Prabhus,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

1. Braj Hari Prabhu just informed me on telephone that today High Court of
Mumbai dismissed MPD’s writ petition. This is second set back to MPD today
as Bangalore high court today granted 8 weeks stay – police not to act on
MPD’s criminal complaint against myself, Varada & Krishna Bhajan. read more

These are not people. These are animals.

I remember a very important conversation on the roof of the New York building. Just before this conversation, Tamal and I were with Prabhupada in his room and I started telling Prabhupada about how degraded the society had become. We started telling Prabhupada about the drugs, illicit sex, pornography, and the child pornography and the homosex and for some reason Prabhupada was letting us give this report. And we were being somewhat graphic. And Prabhupada’s comments were so strong: “We are not preaching to human beings. We are preaching to animals. This is not human life. This is all animal life.” It was so heavy. Prabhupada’s comments about the state of the Kali-yuga. It was something that Tamal and I would never forget. Years later we would talk about this conversation and how Prabhupada allowed us to describe these gross things and how Prabhupada listened and told us, “Do not give these people credit. Do not be so concerned what they have to say, what their opinions are. These are not people. These are animals.”

Told by Ramesvara Dasa.