Gratitude from the disciple

Dear spiritual master,

Please, accept my humble obeisences at your lotus feet.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I write this letter under impression of your lectures about a role of women and their position in a society. In Russia you spoke about it to us, your disciples. Still for a long time in Naberezhnye Chelny you said that divorce is inadmissible. I have accepted your instruction in heart though I was not going to get divorced from my husband.

The thought on inadmissibility of divorce forces to build corresponding behavior in a family. The same can tell my husband about himself. We practice together devotional service, and that is remarkable, we have ceased to disturb each other. We seldom quarrel, and that on trifles. I concern my husband with much bigger respect, than earlier. Also I feel his respect under the relation to me. Why so happens?

 Simply I have ceased to compete with men (in it I see an emancipation essence). I have accepted the subordinated role, and my life became much better. I never would understand this simple thing if have not received an appropriate education from you. I am very grateful to you for that education. In turn, I share this knowledge with other women, devotees and non devotees.  I try to help them with understanding how  to follow the female dharma.

 Your sincere servant from Russia, Perm

Rm devi dasi

P.S. Please, excuse me for imperfect English

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