Anything Can Happen At Any Time

Back in the 1980s we’d work the Kennedy Space Center, where the shuttle spacecraft launches from, using ice breakers and Easy Journey to Other Planets and Coming Back. 

When we were negotiating where we could distribute with the authorities, it was going back and forth for a long time and finally they just said,”Would you be satisfied if we just gave you the whole parking lot?”

Of course, we agreed and our first day out we found out it was monitored by parking attendants, who kept cars going to the next open spot, which was great for us. One day, the next car that pulled in was a brand new, full-size Mercedes Benz sedan. 

The driver got out with his wife and two kids, and I said, “Welcome to the Space Coast!” (We couldn’t say “Kennedy Space Center,” so we adjusted a little).

As I approached the gentleman, he said, “Oh, no, not you guys again here. I see you in airports all around the country. I have a few books already, but today I am on vacation with my family, so I just want to be peaceful.”

I agreed with him and said, “Fine. Great that you have some of our books. I really appreciate that.”

I turned around to walk away, then turned back and asked if I could say something. He said sure. So I told him, in a nice way, that there had been another man like him here with his family just the other day, out to enjoy their vacation and visit the center, who collapsed from a heart attack.

“Not to ruin your good time, but you should know that anything can happen anytime,” I said.

He said, “OK, you got me. Give me the books.”

Then he gave a donation and thanked me.

Just make a little extra effort and see what guru and Krishna will do.

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